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Lets talk about how I can turn your favorite sneaker, shoe, or sports cleats into a unique work of art that matches your style, interests, and presentation. Every sneaker or shoe is a one-of-kind created on the shoe brand and model of your choice and purchased by you from a reputable shoe retailer. (Be aware some online custom shoe sellers offer fake knock-off shoe brands)

Here are a few pieces of information about the process of creating a custom shoe and what is involved. If interested in talking further see my contact information at the bottom of this page.

Project Cost of Creating Sneaker Art on Your Shoe

  • How simple or sophisticated is your design idea figures into the amount of time involved in creating the art for your sneaker, shoe or pair of cleats.
  • Fees would include the amount of time needed to create the artwork, plus any postage or shipping charges that may be involved.
  • There may be an additional materials cost for sneakers that involve an extensive amount and variety of paint and related materials.
  • You can either send in a shoe you already have, or you can shop for a new shoe and send it to me.

How We Create Your Custom Shoe!

When creating a custom art shoe with us there are a few steps to the process.

  1. Choose and order the shoe you want customized from a reputable shoe retailer.
  2. Think of a theme and create a design idea
  3. Send me your design idea or start a conversation with me to determine the kind of art you’d want on your shoes.
  4. Send or deliver the sneakers/shoes to me (suggest adding shipping insurance in the event the chosen shipper loses your shipment)

When it comes to choosing a shoe or sneaker, we can use one you already have, or we can use a new shoe you have purchased.

If you are interested in exploring having unique art on your favorite shoe, drop me a line at my email Below are some recourses that may be helpful.

About the Products We Use for Custom Shoes!

For all of our custom shoes, we use the highest quality paints and materials. The primary brand of paint we use is Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint. Along with this, an Airbrush is used to apply the paint in a controlled manner giving the best results possible for a neat and clean look.

An interesting option: Add Lit Laces!

custom shoe laces

You can further highlight the art design on your custom shoe with distinctive laces from LitLaces, adding an extra bit of pizzazz to your shoe art. A22 Customs has partnered with LitLaces to provide an array of best quality, colors, and prices for any of your lace needs!

If you would be interested in adding these to your sneakers or shoes, check them out at and use code A22C10 at checkout for 10% off your next purchase!

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  1. John Bolinger | April 7, 2022 at 9:13 pm |

    What are the best shoes to customize?

  2. All personal preference, whatever works best for the design or whatever the customer wants the design on. Any white shoe with a lot of open space for work.

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